The Influence Of Conference Class Technology Using Zoom On E-learning In The Covid-19 Pandemic

Title               : The Influence Of Conference Class Technology Using Zoom On E-learning In The Covid-19 Pandemic

Conference : ILOMATA 2020 (30 Juli 2020)

Status           : Eligible Scopus From ILOMATA Comitee to progress publisher journal

Author          : Albert Riyandi*, Bambang Wijonarko, Aji Sudibyo, Imron Imron, M. Sinta Nurhayati, Sulistiyah, Sefrika


Classroom learning activities for schools and campuses have been stopped since the covid-19pandemic in accordance with the regulations of the implementation of PSBB by the Indonesiangovernment. According to the Kemendikbud as many as 8 million students and 300 thousandlecturers suddenly transformed into online learning due to the pandemic. The meeting conferencetechnology, either zoom or google meet, is currently adopted as a class conference for means ofinteracting with lecturers and students in directly presenting lecture material. Success Theeffectiveness of using class conferencing with zoom must be measured by the achievement of theaverage grade.

From the results of calculations carried out on 100 students learning by classconference is very effective. This is evident from the comparison of post test values that there is no value below C with an average value for Post Test of 87 with class A of 89, class B of 91, classC of 86, class D of 81. For the value of Pre Test by 67 with details of class A by 64, class B by 85,class C by 64 and class D by 57. while based on Pre Test values, Grade A by 28, Grade B by 8,Grade C by 30, Grade D by 14 and Grade E as many as 20. For post-test Grade A as many as 57,Grade B as many as 28, grade C as many as 15 out of 100 students.

Quotas and Connections areof particular concern because they become obstacles when implementing E-learning usingtechnology conference meeting.

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