Komparasi Algoritma Support Vector Machines dengan Algoritma Artificial Neural Network untuk Memprediksi Nilai Persetujuan Kredit Modal Kerja yang Diberikan Bank Umum

Authors                    : Abu Sopian, Agus Wiyatno, Albert Riyandi
Publication date  : 2019/3/30
Journal                    : Jurnal Teknologi Informatika dan Komputer Volume 5 Issue 1
Pages                        : 88-95

Credit may be meant money provision or collection that can be equavalent with that, based on credit approval or loan  greement between bank and other party who oblige lender to pay off the debt after specific terms period with interest expenses. Commercial Bank is a bank that operate its business in conventional and or based on syariah principle which is in operation provide in and out payment service. In this business operation, commercial bank provides loan/credit facility to the customer in Rupiah and foreign currency. Working capital credit is a credit used to finnance working capital purposes are depleted in one or several time the production. For example: to buy raw material, salary, rent a building, purchase merchandise and so forth. Working capital credit approval provided by commercial bank need to predict because it has increased of credit provision provided by commercial bank that can be used as measurement of economic growth and country stability or as measurement of economic growth indicator from monetary sector by Bank of Indonesia. In this research will conducted working capital credit value approval prediction will be provided by commercial bank using support vector machine algorithm that is compared with artificial neutral network algorithm. From the result of testing on support vector machine algorithm using kernel dot providing the accuracy result : 68,8% and RMSE : 11928,594 and the result acquired using artificial neutral network algorithm providing the accuracy result : 84,7% and RMSE : 5806,350. This result shows that the best performance for working capital credit value approval provided by commercial bank is artificial neutral network algorithm.

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